81 Best Harry Potter Quotes

There are few things in this world that can connect people as universally as Harry Potter. The books and movies have been beloved by people of all ages for over two decades. Its success has spawned a generation of witches and wizards (and Muggles, too). With so many great books and movies, there are also some great Harry Potter quotes! …

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25 Funny Star Trek Memes

When it comes to Star Trek and Star Wars, we’ve been a little too loyal to the latter but no longer! Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction franchises in the world. Star Trek has spawned numerous movies, TV series, and books over the years and even some very funny memes! So, if you’re also a fan …

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Bingo Bash, We’re taking you back t, Bashers

We’re taking you back to school with this math challenge, Bashers!📚 Take a guess and grab this treat while you’re at it→ https://bit.ly/3OZJRbt ATTENTION: Bingo Bash Free Chips For Android and iPhone Players  UPDATE THE APP TO CLAIM THIS BONUS ON SMART PHONE Launch the app store on your device and download the current build of Bingo Bash or go …

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