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Are you ready DUC fans, it’s time for more! The previous Treasure Quest challenge was a huge success and 10 lucky winners just received 100,000,000 chips! (Check the list at the bottom)
☞ Day 1 Mission: You have 72 hours to click the link below and get at least one Big Win (or larger) of any size on any DUC slot game!
Collect your free chips and enter now ▶

* Each mission (Day 1 to 3) awards an individual prize to anyone who completes it, and don’t stop there because a final prize of 100,000,000 chips will be awarded to 10 random players who complete each mission from Day 1 to 3. So let’s get started!

* Day 1 Mission lasts 72 hours, so the reward will be sent to your gift inbox after that!

* Here are the 10 lucky winners of 100 Million chips! Congrats!

-Gene Schec*
-Terry Mille*
-Teresa Firestin*
-Michael Fudg*
-Ronald G. Woodi*
-Mandy Craddoc*
-Ursuț Alin*
-David Niedermeie*
-Sàndra Newto*
-Mike Barlo*

Best of luck and go get it!

~Jiny & Kevin

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